There is no one, well, optimal, way to make your loads as efficient and cost-effective as possible. That’s why BestTransport™ TMS offers several tools to optimize your shipments. BestOptimize™ tools let you combine orders, select the most cost-effective rates, define load building and locations to create an optimized shipment plan. Make the most of available shipping capacity and combine loads for greatest efficiency.

Our optimization tools combine a range of optimization and tendering algorithms that can be used singly or together to create the best possible load and shipment plans. These include:

  • Load Optimization: Consolidates large volumes of orders and handles complex shipping requirements in order to maximize truck capacity.
  • Load Consolidation: Manual operation for consolidating orders or PO’s into loads. This is ideal for less complex shipping requirements or partial shipment consolidation.
  • BestOptimize: utilizes state of the art optimization algorithms to quickly plan large volumes of orders into the optimal combination of consolidated loads, pooled shipments, backhauls, and continuous moves across all available modes, while meeting customer requirements.
  • CLEO (Committed Load Execution Optimization): An algorithm that considers loads in a batch process and builds the best load combination as determined by contract carriers’ lane rates and number of commitments remaining for that day.  Designed to offer truck procurement at the lowest possible cost while ensuring carrier commitments are fulfilled at the same time.
  • MTWC (Maximize Truckloads by Weight and Capacity): This algorithm controls the delivery of material to customers by maximizing truck capacity and use of dedicated equipment to ensure capacity commitments with carriers are satisfied.