Working in conjunction with our BestShippers™ product, BestOcean™ adds the ability to communication electronically between the Freight Forwarder, BestTransport™, and the Customer. Fully integratable through EDI or other communications adapters, BestOcean gives you the link you need between your shipping management and your ocean shipments. Key features include:

  • Booking: BestOcean allows customers to create Ocean Freight shipments in the BestShippers web portal, allowing Shippers to manage their freight with one process.
  • Confirmation: With BestOcean, customers have one source for the Ocean Freight operation. The freight forwarder will provide booking confirmation and continue to monitor the status in the system. Customers will have access to all relevant information pertaining to their shipment, such as the Booking Number, Trip Name, Delivery ID, Steam Ship, Company Name, Vessel Name, and Voyage Number.
  • Tracking: Shipment status information will appear in the Load Information screen in BestShippers, giving customers updates on their Ocean Freight.