BestTransport™’s reporting tools offers important visibility into your entire transportation operation. BestInsight™ is designed to provide critical views into users operations and to simplify managing the large amount of complex data that is so critical to smooth shipping. Not just a reporting tool, BestInsight can be used to identify areas for improvement and business growth opportunities.

Users can create valuable reports using their data, satisfying the demands of their business requirements and mining the information in a way that makes sense to them. Capabilities include:

  • Dashboards: Robust visual reports ideal for tracking and presenting key performance indicator measurements.
  • Report Builder: Configures and builds reports based on users specific needs.
  • Benchmark Analytics: Comparative analysis tool, users are able to see where they stack up against users on BestTransport, market moving similar freight or themselves over time.
  • Opportunity Report: A real-time view into capacity, allowing users to expand their carrier base lane by lane