Archived Newsletters

October/November 2016 Newsletter

Best Transport October/November Newsletter Best Transport: More than a TMS Vince Ciroli and Rick Frio are back with BestTransport and they have big plans, including the alignment of the company into three divisions, all part of a business model of wo... READ MORE

November 2014 Newsletter

The fall is always a busy time for business, and we’re no exception.  Here in North America and in Europe we’ve been participating in industry events, strengthening our partnerships, bringing new sites and customers on board and further improvin... READ MORE

Early Summer 2014 Newsletter

Summer may finally be here and some folks can find time to slow down and relax, but if you’re trying to get your goods to your customers, there’s no summer recess for you! The news continues to be filled with urgent updates about fuel cost instab... READ MORE

April 2014 Newsletter

All dressed up with no place to go….. No wonder nobody comes here—it’s too crowded…….. FIST inventory – first in, stays there….. Ma! The sink’s clogged again!! What do all these phrases have in common? Things aren’t ... READ MORE

March 2014 Newsletter

There’s a lot of talk around lack of capacity in the trucking world, exacerbated by a shortage of drivers, and for that matter, the retention of the drivers the carrier already has. Shippers should be aware of these challenges, and not get caught u... READ MORE

February 2014 Newsletter

As we mentioned in our last edition, we want to inform, educate, and even occasionally amuse you. Our team is deeply embedded in the transportation management solutions (TMS) industry, and we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest information ... READ MORE

January 2014 Newsletter

The year 2013 brought a lot of positive change to the industry, including BestTransport. As you will read in one of this newsletter’s featured articles, shipping is growing again, showing an improving–if not quite recovered–economy. 2013 was a ... READ MORE