Hurricane Harvey Response Efforts

The people at American Logistics Aid Network, ALAN for short, continue to respond to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  They have had many requests for transportation and warehouse space and are updating their needs map continually. Please contact them if you can cover any of these needs. Please note that they are seeking pro bono / donated / volunteer offers only at this time.  All offers (donated and for fee) should be submitted on their web form.

Information resources including emergency declarations, road and facility closures, and more can be accessed here.  They have added a section for employee resources.  If you need assistance or information on any of these items, please contact them, and they will work with their emergency management partners to get you an answer.  A coordination call will be scheduled later in the week as the situation is still emerging.

Just as a reminder donate and volunteer responsibly.  Cash donations to reputable non-profit organizations will allow them to purchase needed items which will help get the local economy back up and running.

The people of ALAN would like to thank you for your continuing support.  They are putting together all offers and will have them on their logistics map here.  Advanced services can be offered via the map, email or by phone.

Contact information:

Kathy Fulton
Executive Director
American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN)
Office: 863.668.4238
Mobile: 863.559.6188
E-Mail: [email protected]


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