Success Stories

The BestTransport™ transportation management system has worked for many organizations. Please review the following client lists, case studies, fact sheet and whitepapers to see how the BestTransport TMS can work for your organization.

Ohio Coatings

OCC integrated AXIOM ERP with the BestTransport® transportation information network, a web-based application service provider with over 4,000 shippers and carriers, through the exchange of prescribed transaction sets for the tendering, acceptance, s… Read More


For the past four years, our client (an international metals industry powerhouse) has been growing exponentially via acquisition. In that time span, they have either bought or acquired the assets of six other companies. In early 2006, they realized t… Read More


Due to ever-changing business, market, and economic conditions, shippers cannot afford to remain stagnant in their carrier relationships. New product releases to new customers, changes in product’s produced, mergers and acquisitions, economic uptur… Read More

Committed Load Execution Optimization (CLEO)

In 2008, our client, a multi-national $30 Billion manufacturer and distributor, wanted to elevate their load tendering process to a more sophisticated level than simply offering tenders through their pre-determined routing guide. While that strategy … Read More

Connected Capacity

In 2005, while analyzing the load statistics with some of their key core truckload carriers, our client (a multi-national $30Billion manufacturer and distributor) noticed that their deadhead mileage statistics for their key carriers appeared to be ex… Read More

Metrics and Performance

By early 2006, our client (a leading medical and dental supply manufacturer and distributor), was experiencing significant challenges in the day-to-day management of their transportation operations. Logistics managers found themselves staring in the … Read More

Carrier Communication

There are currently over 290,000 registered over-the-road trucking carriers in North America. While some of those are certainly large, stable players in the market, many are regional, and even more are small “Mom and Pop” operations. Due to ever-… Read More