Business Issue Addressed: Finding new carriers

Due to ever-changing business, market, and economic conditions, shippers cannot afford to remain stagnant in their carrier relationships. New product releases to new customers, changes in product’s produced, mergers and acquisitions, economic upturns or downswings, and carrier bankruptcies all contribute to the consistently variable nature of the shipper/carrier relationship. Therefore, being able to find new sources of capacity can sometimes be a daunting task, especially without resorting to the use of high-priced brokerage services.

Solution: BestTransport’s CarrierDesk carrier portal

Since the inception of our service in 1999, BestTransport has architected its on-demand TMS solution network to allow for an integrated, multi-shipper/multi-carrier network. Once a carrier has been integrated into our CarrierDesk portal, that work is complete, and does not have to be repeated the next time another shipper wants to utilize that carrier’s services.


  • Ability to leverage the power of over 4000 registered carriers already a part of the CarrierDesk network, giving you the ability to easily find and contract with new carriers more quickly
  • Quicker carrier on-boarding, integration and training
  • Much higher probability of finding truck capacity without having to resort to expensive brokers
  • Carrier on-boarding, integration, and training is always free from BestTransport, ensuring that carriers of any size can compete on a level playing field

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