Carrier Communication

Business Issue Addressed: Carrier Communication

There are currently over 290,000 registered over-the-road trucking carriers in North America. While some of those are certainly large, stable players in the market, many are regional, and even more are small “Mom and Pop” operations. Due to ever-changing business, market, and economic conditions, shippers cannot afford to rely solely on a certain size carrier, especially if they have certain lanes that are hard to fill. Often times, it is that smaller regional or family-owned carrier that actually fills the unique requirements that all shippers seem to have in certain markets. But can those smaller carriers provide the level of communication you expect and receive from your larger carriers? With BestTransport’s CarrierDesk, communication is not an issue, no matter what size carrier you are dealing with.

Solution: BestTransport’s CarrierDesk Carrier Integration

Since the inception of our service in 1999, BestTransport has believed that any size carrier should have the opportunity to paticipate, create value, and serve your business. Our CarrierDesk portal ensures a level playing field, by offering several levels of integrated communication: EDI, website, telephone, fax, or email. And, once a carrier has been integrated into our CarrierDesk portal, that work is complete, and does not have to be repeated the next time another shipper wants to utilize that carrier’s services.


  • Any size carrier can participate in the CarrierDesk network of carriers
  • Your communication protocol is tailored to the carrier’s technology and capabilities
  • Ability to leverage the power of over 4000 registered carriers already a part of the CarrierDesk network, giving you the ability to easily find and contract with new carriers more quickly
  • Quicker carrier on-boarding, integration and training
  • Much higher probability of finding truck capacity without having to resort to expensive brokers
  • Carrier on-boarding, integration, and training is always free from BestTransport, ensuring that carriers of any size can compete on a level playing field

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