Early Summer 2014 Newsletter

Summer may finally be here and some folks can find time to slow down and relax, but if you’re trying to get your goods to your customers, there’s no summer recess for you! The news continues to be filled with urgent updates about fuel cost instability (read: increases), mergers and acquisitions in the motor freight industry, driver shortages, federal regulations that further limit available on-road capacity, etc. While we at BestTransport can’t solve high fuel prices, driver shortages or less “hungry” carriers, we can help you to save money and be more efficient.

Transportation Management Solutions (TMS) have always been able to help you get your goods to your customers more quickly through automation and technical efficiencies. At BestTransport we’re always working to make our products even more useful—all with an eye to saving you money and helping your business. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about our recently announced BestOptimize. With this new module shippers can truly optimize loads, add even more efficiency to your dock-to-customer process, and squeeze even more cost out, all while improving your customer satisfaction. You can read more about BestOptmize below.

In addition to BestOptimize, we’re also sharing a very popular whitepaper on the impact of driver shortages, and an overview of TMS software that underscores the fact that now, more than ever, you don’t need to be a Fortune 1000 company to take advantage of the tools the “big boys” use to gain competitive advantage.

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