October/November 2016 Newsletter

Best Transport October/November Newsletter

Best Transport: More than a TMS
Vince Ciroli and Rick Frio are back with BestTransport and they have big plans, including the alignment of the company into three divisions, all part of a business model of working with clients as partners in a consultative role. Read all about it.

Find hidden savings in transportation
BestTransport operates on a simple belief that all shippers should get the best in carrier performance and cost. That’s why Best regularly delivers savings of 10% to 25% on shippers’ transportation costs. Find out how.

LTL rules could weigh on bottom line
BestTransport’s resident LTL expert Reo Hatfield says carrier rules are costing shippers billions of dollars in overspending each year. Best guarantees that it can turn a carrier profit center into a shipper profit center. Learn more.

This rule is no trivial matter
There’s a connection between 20th century British naval historian Cyril Northcote Parkinson’s Law of Triviality and modern trucking’s Cubic Capacity Rule. If you’re a shipper, it could save you big money. Check out the link.

Reo Hatfield: The Real McCoy
Transportation industry veteran Reo Hatfield has been added as president of corporate services to provide transportation and management consultation to shippers. Get to know Reo.