April 2014 Newsletter

All dressed up with no place to go….. No wonder nobody comes here—it’s too crowded…….. FIST inventory – first in, stays there….. Ma! The sink’s clogged again!!

What do all these phrases have in common? Things aren’t going the way they should be. In this month’s Newsletter we’re looking at one of the things that could put you at risk by complicating your outbound shipping (though it’s a risk for your supply chain too), namely consolidation in the commercial motor carrier industry.

Between changes in driver legal work hour limits, an economy that’s finally starting to show some signs of growth–and therefore demand, the accelerating retirement of qualified drivers, you’ve got to be right on top of your transportation management operation or your costs could skyrocket and your customer satisfaction may suffer.

Toss an accelerating consolidation of what has been a highly fragmented motor freight industry, and you’ll spend a lot of nights staring at the ceiling! Here at BestTransport, we work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, of the issues that matter to you as a shipper. Our cloud-based transportation Management Software gives you the power you need to stay on top of this consolidating world of trucking to manage your costs and respond quickly to market changes.Here are some pieces that we’ve found that may help you become better educated about industry consolidation. We hope you enjoy them.

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