BestTransport is seeing a demand for its Corporate Services

BestTransport ( is seeing a demand for its Corporate Services Group’s Solutions Beyond Software services that has been greater than company executives were expecting.
“We’ve seen a lot of activity and we’ve got a number of projects underway,” Corporate Services Group President Reo B. Hatfield says. “These projects include both current BestTransport BestShippers users as well as new clients who have been seeking a technology solution tied with managed services.”
Hatfield cites two projects in particular that Corporate Services is bringing on stream and noted the companies’ needs were “on opposite ends of the spectrum.” The first, a BestShippers TMS user will be undergoing a modal shift on some long-distance lanes and cross-border traffic that will see it save as much as 18 percent.
“They had used intermodal services in the past but had gotten away from it and had gone direct truck in these lanes. As we reviewed the data, we saw they had an opportunity to not only make the mode switch but to go direct to asset-based providers, says Hatfield. “The savings results for them for the remainder of the year are going to be phenomenal.”
The second project is with a new BestTransport client for which the company will be implementing an optimization of the client’s LTL network so that the proper carrier is utilized in their strongest lanes. That project, while still ongoing, is anticipated generate cost savings in a range of 5-10 percent.
“The intellect we have in Corporate Services will help our clients immeasurably,” Hatfield note. “Our clients have access at their fingertips to truckload, LTL, intermodal, warehousing & distribution expertise that they more often than not did not have before we established the Group last year.”
Indeed, a number of current clients have reached out to the company since announcement was made of the formation of the Group and initial assessments are underway to determine savings and efficiency potentials.
Prior to the announcement, many BestTransport clients did not know the company had been providing those types of services although they had never been formally branded. In fact, for more than 10 years, BestTransport has provided to one of its long-time clients a staff who handle inbound exception management loads. And for another of its clients, the company provides carrier sourcing and negotiations, exception management and claims management among other services that are in addition to its class-leading TMS.
“These are the types of things we have done for years – services that have set BestTransport apart in the marketplace,” says BestTransport Co-Founder Vince Ciroli. “We were one of the first technology companies to provide staffing as well as a 3PL-type solution with our TMS-Plus Program. And with the variety of transportation and logistics experience we have within the organization, we thought it might be best to make sure all of our clients know the capabilities that are available to them.”
The Group’s services go beyond carrier sourcing and negotiations, however. For example, BestTransport recently completed an efficiency study of one client’s shipping area. “We’ve already completed a Freight Friendly Initiative study for one of our current clients, where we made some recommendations for improvement where possible,” Hatfield says. “The result will be this client will see a number of soft efficiencies in their shipping process, which ultimately should translate into some hard cost savings.”
The Freight Friendly Initiative, known as BestFFI, is an on-site review with shipper personnel of the shipping/receiving areas as well as an examination of the departments “through the driver’s eyes,” which examines the “friendliness” of the facility and its personnel from a driver’s perspective. The objective of BestFFI is to make recommendations on improving any deficiencies within a shipping or receiving department that may result in an increased rate structure from a carrier.
“There are times,” Hatfield notes, “when carriers will have to increase their rates to a shipper because drivers don’t want to go there for whatever reason. And the shipper may not even know that. Our goal is to help identify those potential problem areas and help our clients improve them and other issues we may see.”
To learn more about BestFFI, carrier optimization, or any of the other services the Group is offering, contact Reo Hatfield, [email protected] or by phone, 574-480-2109; Pat Ryan, [email protected]; 574-292-0765;or Pete Scolieri, [email protected]; 412-559-0555.