BestTransport Architecting Freight Management of Tomorrow

For many, the supply chain industry may still be about big boxes and delivery trucks but look out. Soon we will all be hearing the knocks on our doors from airborne drones—the shippers of tomorrow. This is one example of the advances the supply chain industry is beginning to implement. For companies adopting newer technologies – equipped with analytics and mobile capabilities – the days of mediocre business results will soon be over. For vertical markets as complex as logistics, these technologies are successful bringing efficiency and visibility across freight management functions, long-needed by shippers. “Technology, if used prudentially with right thought processes and strategies, can create a disruptive force in freight transport,” says Michael Dolan, President and CEO, BestTransport. Worthington, OH headquartered BestTransport was founded in 1999 with a mission to leverage technology to develop solutions that could make freight management a plain sailing task. Today, nearly two decades later, shippers and carriers that use BestTransport’s Transportation Management Software (TMS) witness significant improvement in their freight management efforts with stronger control over the full transportation lifecycle, and the cost of its component activities. With BestTransport, many shippers, for the first time, are successfully linking their planning, tendering, and billing processes directly to their carrier network through a single connection.

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